BRW Fast Starters 2014, Heard Agency

30 Seconds

Cleaning Australia Beautiful


The outdoor cleaning category in Australia suffers from poor brand awareness. Only 14% of respondents from a recent target market survey were able to name a brand to get rid of mould and growth. Whereas twice as many people were able to name indoor cleaning brands.

30 Seconds Ltd is a manufacturer and importer of a range of outdoor and indoor cleaning products, with the ‘hero’ products being the 30 Seconds outdoor cleaner in its two forms – the bleach-based Outdoor Cleaner for immediate results, and the longer acting Spray and Walk Away for longer-term mould, moss and lichen removal.

Ease and convenience of 30 Seconds range is a massive selling point. The 30 Seconds range solves less traditional and time-consuming cleaning problems that people find to be an issue – mould, mildew, algae, lichen, moss.


There is an increasing issue with mould and other growth as one moves north from Victoria through to Queensland. However, the greater population of the NSW and VIC regions means that there is more target households in these states than in Queensland.

Business Objectives

/ Strengthen the brands presence and establish a differentiated positioning for the
brand to support further growth
/ The 30 Seconds Board has set an aggressive growth target of tripling business
revenue to around $12million in the next four years.
/ Establish formal ROI analysis of each advertising campaign.

Communication Objectives

/ Become the authority in task specific cleaning, both indoor and outdoor

Strategic Approach

30 Seconds delivers quick and easy to use cleaning products that work, scientifically formulated for the unique and difficult cleaning tasks around the home, inside and out.

Our campaign “Cleaning Australia Beautiful” dramatises the product benefit and shows how you can make unpleasant surfaces beautiful with the 30 Seconds range.

Target market: Three out of four people are buying outdoor cleaning products from Bunnings. Men buying from Bunnings are 77%, with females 64%.
1/3 of people also buy from the supermarket – 40% women and 35% men.

Convenience has become a major force shaping consumer decision-making in Australia, especially among the time-poor and older age groups, which increasingly see value in greater levels of convenience and ease of use
Target Market insights: Over 80% of respondents do the clean-up themselves, with only 3% paying for a gardening service or outdoor cleaning contractor to do the clean-up for them


Bunning’s Warehouse sales during August – September campaign period were the highest on record for the last 3 years for Outdoor cleaner!

Fast Starters 2014 - Heard 97th