BRW Fast Starters 2014, Heard Agency

Pester Power

Pester power you’ll happily give into.

With it’s Disney packaging, no sugar and no artificial flavouring, vitamin enriched Aqua ball is a parent’s dream. Most parents know that the super market aisle can be very challenging with a toddler or pre-schooler in the trolley, and keeping little fingers from picking bright, colourful and unhealthy food from the shelf is a frustrating task to say the least. When our client asked us to come up with a campaign to take the drink to market, it was this insight that resonated the strongest with mums. Aqua ball lures the child in with its disney packaging but mum can happily give in to her child’s pester power knowing the ingredients inside are healthy and worry free.

Fast Starters 2014 - Heard 97th